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A pair of ' cloudy ' news from Parallels

But first, not the actual content of the news.

Not once have written before and will repeat now: PR- style of some IT companies is sometimes just some confusion.
How can you start a press release with this phrase: ' HYZ Company, a leader in. '?.

Indeed, the authors immediately lowered its same company until some of the provincial -level. What is a leader, if the recipients of this fact is the press release does not know without being asked?.
Well, I 'm not talking about how sound is the use of this title. Leader where ( in the world, in Russia, in the neighborhood Preobrazhenskoe )?.
In Gartner's Square on the Parallels virtualization prisutstsvuet, but not among the leaders, and among the ' niche players ' (.
http://www. pcweek. ru / themes / detail. php? ID = 124184. ).

Another curious phrase from the ' Profile ':.
' It is one of the four most prominent software companies (Kaspersky Lab, Acronis, Parallels, ABBYY) with development centers in Russia '.

And I 've heard that its development centers in Russia are more ECM, Intel, Sun.

Now the property on the news:.
a. http://www. parallels. com / ru / news / id, 23556. - Released new version of Parallels Automation - 5. 0. I seem to be a bit ' in the subject line ', but to me this says very little information. How significant innovations - can not estimate. But the main thing - not very clear who all of these uses in Russia, it really needs this stuff here? .

2. http://www. parallels. com / ru / news / id, 23564. - In September as president of the company will take.
our old friend - Birger Steen, a former head of Microsoft Russia, which in early 2009 gave ' wheel ' Nikolai Pryanishnikov, six months have passed on the case, and a year ago in Redmond departed the post of vice-president at Microsoft working with small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs .

I must say that the path is on the wall rolled the scheme. I remember years ago, seven or eight on the same road (I think, in the same position ) of the MBS has left Moscow, Vladislav Martynov, who after a chain of movements ( including through the ' Columbus ') a year ago was at the head of SAP-CIS.

So, it is likely that Birger and after some time returned to Russia as a ' stamp ' of some Western ' leader '.

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