среда, 30 мая 2012 г.

The last jump, running a delivery service

Finally, just before the launch of our wonderful hosting provider ordered to live long and simply disappeared from the face of the earth. So we had to urgently sign a new contract and to move. But today, this day, it was April 1st, we'll start )))).

The site is not fully ready, not all the contracts signed, not all forms razvezeny, not all carriers are employed, but there comes my favorite time) Start nesmotryaninachto ))) This is a very interesting point in the startup, when he launched the most effective engine of progress. That's how a man when he has nowhere to go, to become more efficient. We look forward to the first order ))).

пятница, 25 мая 2012 г.

Transfer from Chelyabinsk in Cologne

The new flight will be from April 2, 2012, docking will occur in ... The regularity of flights from Moscow to Chelyabinsk- Cologne will be three times a week - on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. Since June 2012 the frequency of flights will increase to five a week, PAX.
Docking at the airport ...

A pair of ' cloudy ' news from Parallels

But first, not the actual content of the news.

Not once have written before and will repeat now: PR- style of some IT companies is sometimes just some confusion.
How can you start a press release with this phrase: ' HYZ Company, a leader in. '?.

Indeed, the authors immediately lowered its same company until some of the provincial -level. What is a leader, if the recipients of this fact is the press release does not know without being asked?.
Well, I 'm not talking about how sound is the use of this title. Leader where ( in the world, in Russia, in the neighborhood Preobrazhenskoe )?.
In Gartner's Square on the Parallels virtualization prisutstsvuet, but not among the leaders, and among the ' niche players ' (.
http://www. pcweek. ru / themes / detail. php? ID = 124184. ).

Another curious phrase from the ' Profile ':.
' It is one of the four most prominent software companies (Kaspersky Lab, Acronis, Parallels, ABBYY) with development centers in Russia '.

And I 've heard that its development centers in Russia are more ECM, Intel, Sun.

Now the property on the news:.
a. http://www. parallels. com / ru / news / id, 23556. - Released new version of Parallels Automation - 5. 0. I seem to be a bit ' in the subject line ', but to me this says very little information. How significant innovations - can not estimate. But the main thing - not very clear who all of these uses in Russia, it really needs this stuff here? .

2. http://www. parallels. com / ru / news / id, 23564. - In September as president of the company will take.
our old friend - Birger Steen, a former head of Microsoft Russia, which in early 2009 gave ' wheel ' Nikolai Pryanishnikov, six months have passed on the case, and a year ago in Redmond departed the post of vice-president at Microsoft working with small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs .

I must say that the path is on the wall rolled the scheme. I remember years ago, seven or eight on the same road (I think, in the same position ) of the MBS has left Moscow, Vladislav Martynov, who after a chain of movements ( including through the ' Columbus ') a year ago was at the head of SAP-CIS.

So, it is likely that Birger and after some time returned to Russia as a ' stamp ' of some Western ' leader '.