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Email extractor from websites.

I am going to write a post about an awesome email extractor which I recently found. It extracts email addresses from community bulletins. You can find all emails from text files.

Extract emails from websites. Enter site/blog/forum name you want to scan and extract email addresses. It is a fact that lots of people have emails. Some of them leave contact info such as phones, emails on sites open. How to extract people' email addresses from websites ? You can search them manually by using Google, Bing or let this work do to email extractor.

Sometimes you don't need to scan and extract emails form the whole site . Enter urls to email extractor and it will do the work for you. In some situations you don't know sites you need to scan for emails but you might have relevant and domain specific keywords describing your potential customers. What you need to do is to enter relevant keywords in the textbox of application and click search inside email extractor. One of the best ways to sell your product/service is to contact people.

Email extractor can also harvest emails from mail boxes, files. Email extractor may extract email addresses on websites like forum, blog, Facebook, Twitter or any other website where you think your audience is concentrated. Email extractor tool comes into play if you need to contact people and let them know about your new service or product.

You might not know where your leads surf Use them in email extractor and it will search and extract all of them in search engine like bing and then extract emails from all of them. Sometimes you have a great product and nobody knows about it. How to reach your audience/customers? You definitely need to advertise it somehow. Did you research where your potential customers are on internet ? I believe they are sit on websites such as forums and blogs.

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' Novosvit ' gelioelektrostantsiyu run around a small hydropower plant in Cherkassy Day Energy

Interfax-Ukraine. - Foreign trade association ' Novosvit ' ( Vinnitsa) December 22 to start planning a solar power plant near the 102.6 kW Gordashevskoy small hydroelectric power station ( HPS ) in Talnovskom region, Cherkasy region, told the agency Interfax -Ukraine ...

' The station is mounted on a small hydroelectric power dam, the complex will have two objects of renewable energy ' - he said.

According to the source agency ' Novosvit ' in February 2012 plans to bring Ukraine into the equipment for the construction of another solar power plant - in the village Tsekinovka ( Yampolsky district of Vinnitsa region. ).

' Importing their equipment with capacity of 1 MW, which is planning to install and run in April 2012. Then he will build another part of the 0.4 MW power station ' - said with. Kulmatitsky.

As reported, ' Novosvit ' since 2002 is engaged in the restoration of small hydropower stations in Ukraine. The company currently operates 14 small hydroelectric power plant in Vinnytsia, Cherkasy, Khmelnytsky, Ivano -Frankivsk and Ternopil regions, has its own dispatch center.

' Novosvit ' is building a small hydroelectric power station ' Marina Gat ' in the Chernivtsi region, which is scheduled to be commissioned in 2012. Overall, the company intends to build five small hydropower plants in this area.

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Cold calling - as a basis to build on their sales

First, define some terminology. Cold call - this is the first call a stranger before you a potential client. The second and subsequent calls are called warm. Sometimes referred to as cold calls, until they heard the refrain. ... '. or. ' but you do not have to? '. As soon as the tone of the conversation turns into a constructive direction, and discussion of the details on the possible / held on request, the call is. warm.

The main problem of cold calling - the process of conversion in the warm. T. e. the work itself to fracture consciousness subscriber to establish his interest. Therefore, there are two main technologies: mass and the point. The mass is similar to the invitations to the contact or show teaser ads: you call everyone in the hope that the person to whom you need to react. Point system - this is when you deliberately narrows the group of customers by any known method to you, and then work out the maximum each client to get it into customers. Both techniques yield approximately the same result, not to say adherents of each.

Mass technology can be divided into several stages:. rang, breaking, hold, transfer calls to the warm.

rung. is to establish a call: collect the base of potential customers who are preparing a proposal and begin to call. Just a few words about the proposal. Specificity of cold work that you have just a few seconds to get his message across to the client. Therefore, the shorter and clearer it will be the better. If you are selling sites, you have to and say ' we offer the creation of low-cost sites '. Or ' expensive and exclusive '. Needless to say that ' we do everything related to the Internet ' - the client does not understand these sentences, for it is most often the Internet - it's classmates and mail to your mail, but it is without you can. Be more specific. Here are some specific suggestions in developing and promoting niche sites.

' To promote your site in first place in Yandex and Google '.
' Helping you to buy your company name in the Russian Federation '.

And vague or unclear proposals.

' We offer sites that do and unwind '.
' To promote your website in the top '.
' We are engaged in optimizing websites '.
' We register domains in all areas '.

The second stage to create a proposal - it is. Offer one-page. You have to cram everything you want to say to the client in a sheet and accompany it with your contact information. The main test is the fact that you were able to do what is necessary - it's skipping a proposal by fax, by making a copy, after which the proposal does not lose its attractiveness and readability. Note that to look at your proposal will be 5-7 seconds, and if it does not hook, it goes in the trash. Therefore, each proposal should have a short introduction, bold and large the main points highlighted and ' sweetie ', as well as good looks. Examples of our offers can be downloaded. here. I can not say that this is ideal, but they brought a lot of the primary customer at one time and not in the same city.

Now, as to whom to call. I usually shared a base for young managers into three parts: very likely, the good, until the pile. In the very likely include those companies that need your services. It is clear that difficult at first to figure out who need it, but for example in the manufacture of the site require those companies whose competitors have a website. In promotion of those who have a website, but they have in the ass of the world. With experience, you start to see these companies everywhere.

Good companies - the ones about whom you can not say for sure. T. e. Site does not have, but competitors also have. Or site is, but there is no competition in the top, although the site is not in the top, too. T. e. it's clients, who may need your service, but this is not certain.

Prior to the heap - it is generally any company, even though the entire phone directory. It does not matter - large or small company. We all worked through the streets, it was convenient to circumvent potential customers and then the manager.

First, calls are processed good company. They are gaining experience. In addition, it gives these companies first, and sometimes good orders. Then, when the experiment is large enough so as not to proschelkat ' vernyakovyh ' customers, you go to a very probable. And then work out who ' pile up '.

Sometimes it seems that the base will dry up quickly. In fact, when a manager leaves treated at 500-700 companies, he would spend half the time on orders. So a year or two, he will hardly be able to work out more than 2,000 companies. A couple of years is not a sin to pass and re-.

Thus, the proposal is, the base is now starting to call. And here arises. second stage - breaking. We must break through the cold attitude subscriber to your call and take him either to reject or to continue the relationship.

The main barrier to sales agent is the Secretary. It and have to punch. A typical conversation with the Secretary as follows:.

- Hello, I'm the manager of the company ' Doe and the Internet ', we make websites. Who can I talk to about this?.
- We do not have ( sirens ).

Therefore, changing the first sentence of his.

- Good day! .

Wild fucking at the end of the wire ends, or whistles, or you will break the Secretary of its age-old fear of publicity. While it is an impersonal member firms, it may be rude, yelling and send. As soon as it becomes Ekaterina Smirnova, an office manager ' Kalinin \u0026 Partners, all she has nowhere to go further - it is necessary to continue the conversation. Now you can ask to receive a fax, send the call to the competent person or promise to give you a blowjob at a meeting.

Do not be afraid to call themselves. No one will look for you to give in the face. If you fancy from the beginning, then you show that you are ready for dialogue and expect the same from the other party.

For complex patients, there are other methods of punching. For example, to find out the name of the director with their own site or simply from google and ask them to connect directly with him. In addition, many customer bases already contain information about the top management. Call and ask to connect directly with them.

After punching. comes the stage of retention. You need to say something to the client, to make him listen to you, and more. Then you need a little knowledge of psychology. Client needs the arguments that prove that they need your service. And to prove it can be almost anyone, unless you are trading with sand in the desert.

In every businessman has many phobias, but some are common to each: the fear of competition, fear of pace from the general trends, fear of losing benefits. We use.

... You - perhaps the only company that has not represented on the Internet. '.
' Today Yandex looked at your fingertips. For example Firma1 in the first place, and the fourth Firma2. They get the customer to these requests, and you - there is no. '.
' In August 2010 at the request of ' haemorrhoids ' was 10 thousand. transitions from Yandex only in our region. Even if only one percent become someone's hospital clients - then consider yourself! '.

Create a problem. The client asked for a decision. ' And what should I do to fix it? '. Then a nightingale pours, but try to be clear and to stay within 5-7 minutes.

And, finally,. translate the customer in the warm. The best thing about the end - is to give the customer a chance to retreat.

'Do I have to tell and show in person, but let's do it this way: I will give you time to digest all in my head and call you, say, Monday. If you are ready to cooperate, then assign the meeting '. There has never been anyone to refuse.

All further communication with the customer comes to reassigning the date of the meeting or the meeting itself. But this is a warm fellowship, and the topic of this article is not included.

Now remember everything that was said and try to keep it all in a conversation.

- Hello, I'm James Smith, the company ' Doe and the Internet ', with whom I have the honor to speak?.
- Catherine, office manager that you like? .
- I need to send information to your manager, it seems Alex R.?.
- Alexis Robert's not there, but there is his deputy, Robert A..
- Well, let's Robert Alekseevich.
- Connect.

It should be noted that the scenario might go as you please, but the main outline remains - the secretary must receive at least the information as possible to introduce and connect you to a competent person.

- Listening.
- Robert A. My name is James Smith, the company ' Doe and the Internet ', we have recently sent you a proposal for cooperation ( even if you did not post - what prevents so to speak? ), As I understand, you have shown interest.
- I do not get.
- strange. I will check. If possible, I'm just in a few words will explain the essence. You have five minutes on this?.
- Yes.
- Robert A., we have been developing websites and not so long ago noticed that you're perhaps the only company in the niche construction in the city, in which it is not.
- Well, once there, so we do not need.
- What are you, Robert A., and I was the director of one of the largest companies in our city recently told me that lately most of the customers they have come through the network.
- You know, we just have no one to do it. Not before.
- That's why we turned to you. Our company has extensive experience working with companies where at the time of contact is not very much. We handle all phases of work on the site, you can do is record the stages of execution of works. In general, these are our favorite customers - who rely on us.
- And what do you suggest?.
- I'm sure we can find the best option is for your company, but it is best to meet. Is it convenient to you, if I call you on Monday and we will arrange a meeting?.
- Yes, let's Monday.
- By the way, you know, at the request of ' city building ' only through Yandex to other sites goes about 500 people a month? . But you understand that if a person typed in the search for a word, he is interested in this.
- I understand.
- All, Robert A., dare not take more than your time, call each other on Monday.
- Good-bye.

It is clear that the conversation was hypothetical. And, of course, you have it go wrong. But note the key points: you control the conversation, you say more, the last word is yours.

Once you lose those points and give the customer more to say, you almost always lose that customer. Order - is like a divorce for sex, but you'll still pay money for it - you have to be on top, then get. And here's where to learn self-confidence - I do not know. It either is or it is not.

The second method is cold calls from different systems of training of the customer base, we consider the next time. In clever hands - it is a terrible and almost faultless weapon.

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How long does a digital signature?

Today I learned very surprised thing is the time of signature of each electronic document using a digital signature cryptography ( Crypto ) is engaged in 80 to 140 seconds.

Is it true?.

More information about this case here wrote:. http://www. pcweek. ru/ecm/blog/ecm/1011. php.

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The last jump, running a delivery service

Finally, just before the launch of our wonderful hosting provider ordered to live long and simply disappeared from the face of the earth. So we had to urgently sign a new contract and to move. But today, this day, it was April 1st, we'll start )))).

The site is not fully ready, not all the contracts signed, not all forms razvezeny, not all carriers are employed, but there comes my favorite time) Start nesmotryaninachto ))) This is a very interesting point in the startup, when he launched the most effective engine of progress. That's how a man when he has nowhere to go, to become more efficient. We look forward to the first order ))).

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Transfer from Chelyabinsk in Cologne

The new flight will be from April 2, 2012, docking will occur in ... The regularity of flights from Moscow to Chelyabinsk- Cologne will be three times a week - on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. Since June 2012 the frequency of flights will increase to five a week, PAX.
Docking at the airport ...

A pair of ' cloudy ' news from Parallels

But first, not the actual content of the news.

Not once have written before and will repeat now: PR- style of some IT companies is sometimes just some confusion.
How can you start a press release with this phrase: ' HYZ Company, a leader in. '?.

Indeed, the authors immediately lowered its same company until some of the provincial -level. What is a leader, if the recipients of this fact is the press release does not know without being asked?.
Well, I 'm not talking about how sound is the use of this title. Leader where ( in the world, in Russia, in the neighborhood Preobrazhenskoe )?.
In Gartner's Square on the Parallels virtualization prisutstsvuet, but not among the leaders, and among the ' niche players ' (.
http://www. pcweek. ru / themes / detail. php? ID = 124184. ).

Another curious phrase from the ' Profile ':.
' It is one of the four most prominent software companies (Kaspersky Lab, Acronis, Parallels, ABBYY) with development centers in Russia '.

And I 've heard that its development centers in Russia are more ECM, Intel, Sun.

Now the property on the news:.
a. http://www. parallels. com / ru / news / id, 23556. - Released new version of Parallels Automation - 5. 0. I seem to be a bit ' in the subject line ', but to me this says very little information. How significant innovations - can not estimate. But the main thing - not very clear who all of these uses in Russia, it really needs this stuff here? .

2. http://www. parallels. com / ru / news / id, 23564. - In September as president of the company will take.
our old friend - Birger Steen, a former head of Microsoft Russia, which in early 2009 gave ' wheel ' Nikolai Pryanishnikov, six months have passed on the case, and a year ago in Redmond departed the post of vice-president at Microsoft working with small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs .

I must say that the path is on the wall rolled the scheme. I remember years ago, seven or eight on the same road (I think, in the same position ) of the MBS has left Moscow, Vladislav Martynov, who after a chain of movements ( including through the ' Columbus ') a year ago was at the head of SAP-CIS.

So, it is likely that Birger and after some time returned to Russia as a ' stamp ' of some Western ' leader '.